29 Sep 2018
September 29, 2018

Trial of John Andre

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September 29, 1780 – The Trial of John Andre

John Andre was charged with spying. A board of Washington’s officers was assembled for the trial. Present were Major Generals Nathanael Greene, Lafayette, Lord Stirling, Arthur St. Clair, Robert Howe, Von Steuben, Brigadier Generals James Clinton, John Glover, Edward Hand, Jedediah Huntington, Henry Knox, Samuel H. Parsons, John Paterson, and John Stark. Defending Adre was lawyer John Laurance who served as Judge Advocate General.

Andre’s defense was that he was working with Benedict Arnold and had the right to travel behind enemy lines in civilian clothes. Maintaining his honor as a British officer throughout, he never blamed Arnold to save himself.

Andre was found guilty of traveling “under a feigned name and in a disguised habit” and “should be considered a Spy from the enemy”. He was sentenced to death.