16 Dec 2018
December 16, 2018

To The Betrayed Inhabitants

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To The Betrayed Inhabitants of the City and Colony of New York

December 16, 1769, this anonymous broadside appeared throughout the NYC area. It condemned the colonial assembly and the governor for breaking American unity against the Quartering Act.

To The Betrayed Inhabitants

The act required the colonies pay for British troops and forced residents to house them in their homes at their own expense. The colonies united against it and refused to raise any money. NY broke the unity in December 1769 when the assembly approved 2,000 pounds sterling. The other colonies condemned NY and a “Son of Liberty” published this two paged broadside. It exposed corruption in the assembly and claimed the elected men did what those who financed their campaigns wanted rather than what was best for their constituents. The broadside sparked an incredible four-month fiasco ( which included a debate about the number of virgins in the city) when the author, Alexander McDougall, was jailed. This is one of the most popular stories I tell on the Revolutionary Era Tour.

You can read the entire, historic, broadside here: https://patriottoursnyc.com/betrayed-inhabitants-of-ny/