24 Mar 2019
March 24, 2019

Sons of Liberty NY

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Sons of Liberty NY Founding Document! 1769

You never know what you’ll find looking through archives of old documents. Here’s the NY Sons of Liberty founding document that declares their reason for forming and their meeting rules.

Sons of Liberty NY

At a time of crisis, to preserve their rights and freedoms as Englishmen, with vigilance an unanimity, they joined together to preserve those rights and freedoms, without political party affiliations.

“A number of inhabitants of this city, have determined to drop all party distinction that may have originated from a difference in sentiments in other matters–to form ourselves into a society, under the general and honorable appellation, of the United Sons of Liberty.”

And resolve:

1. meet on the first Monday of every month at Montagne’s (if you took the Revolutionary War Tour you know about Montagne’s!)
2. convene if circumstances make it necessary
3. support the measure entered into by the merchants, traders, and other inhabitants (non-importation/exportation agreement)
4. will use all legal means in our power to support those measures
5. will not purchase from anyone who violates the non-importation agreement
6. will not house, hire, employ, or be employed by those who violate the agreement
7. will pursue the general good of the colonies with the sole purpose being to secure our common rights