27 May 2019
May 27, 2019

Soldiers Trinity Graveyard

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May 27, 1776 NYC – It will be ninety years before the first Memorial Day (Decoration Day as it was called) is celebrated. Our first army is gathering on Manhattan Island for the Battle of New York. No one in the world was prepared for what the British Empire would unleash that Summer of 1776. Everyone in the American colonies knows of the Commander, General George Washington, but with him are many men who will go on to lead his young, untested army. Unfortunately, their names have been lost to many Americans. They are:

Israel Putnam
William Alexander (Lord Stirling)
John Sullivan
Thomas Mifflin
Henry Knox
Nathaniel Greene
Charles Lee
John Lamb
Charles Wharton
Thomas Knowlton
John Glover
Benjamin Tallmadge
Alexander Hamilton
Aaron Burr
Thomas Randall
Marinus Willett

Here’s a tribute to the Revolutionary War soldiers buried in Trinity Graveyard.