Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

NYC’s most popular Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Running since 2005

New York – In 1776  all eyes were on “The Island at the Center of the World”!

Take a walk from the Stamp Act of 1765 through President Washington’s Inauguration in 1789. You’ll experience the spellbinding story of the unbelievable events leading up to the American Revolution.  You’ll walk on the same colonial streets where it all happened.

  •  Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist.
  • Listen to stories about real people like John Holt the “Liberty Printer”, Alexander McDougall, leader of the Sons of Liberty, The Wicked Triumverate and the Odious Six
  •  Learn about NYC’s beginnings and its strategic role in the American Revolution.
  • Take a walk through St. Paul’s Chapel, the town’s “Country Church” built in 1766 and still intact today. We’ll also visit some of the graves in the graveyard.
  • Walk through an old neighborhood called “Golden Hill” where the first TRUE bloodshed of the American Revolution happened. (of did it?)

Sons of Liberty, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, Nathan Hale, The Culper Spy Ring and the Battle of New York are just some of what you’ll hear about while standing right where the events happened.

If you’re a fan of TURN on AMC, McCullough’s “1776”, Rutherford’s “New York” or just want to learn about how we got to be the USA you will LOVE this tour!

We use a storytelling format from start to finish and use authentic documents to illustrate the events. You even have the option to buy a set of the documents in advance of your tour. Follow along with your guide as you move through the story!

(max tour size: 15 weekdays, 20 Saturday; get your tickets before they sell out!)

$40Adults/$25 Child (11 & Under)

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