Revolutionary War Culper Spies

CulperThe first modern spy ring operated right here in NYC during the American Revolution: The Culper Spy Ring!

Walk through the British occupied city, the NYC base of the Culper Spy Ring. We’ll follow the story of spymasters Col Benjamin Tallmadge and Maj John Andre as they battle to outwit each other. Who would survive the deadly game of Revolutionary War espionage? And who would not?

  • We’ll imagine a city occupied by the British and converted into a military base
  • Visit the old Commons – site of the Provost Jail used to house rebel spies by the British
  • Learn the true story of early spy Nathan Hale, how he was captured and by whom  (it’s not what you think!)
  • Visit St. Paul’s Chapel and hear about the Holy Ground – the biggest, most notorious red light district in North America
  • Travel through colonial streets where we’ll find: James Rivington’s print shop and coffeehouse, the tailor shop of Hercules Mulligan, the store run by Culper Jr. (Robert Townsend), Underhill’s Boarding House where Culper Sr (Abraham Woodhull) stayed and other key spots in the spy ring’s operation
  • Hear the incredible story of John Andre and Benedict Arnold and how the Culper ring warned General Washington about him
  • And what about mysterious 355? Who was she?

You’ll see pages from the original code book used by Benjamin Tallmadge, letters written by Culper Jr, John Andre and George Washington plus pictures of what the city looked like at the time!

If you’re a fan of TURN on AMC and Netflix, or have read any of the popular books about spies operating during that time, you’ll love it!


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