21 Sep 2018
September 21, 2018

New York Fire of 1776

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September 21 – New York Fire of 1776!

General Washington, knowing he cannot hold the island, retreats North out of the city. British forces pour in and take possession of it. As the changeover happens a fire burns more than 25% of the city, destroying the original Trinity Church as it burns up Broadway. The fire was so bright British ships saw it from the Northern end of the East River at Hell’s Gate. Was the fire set intentionally? British Gen. Wm. Howe thought so and had people executed as arsonists. Some were thrown into the fire and killed! Today it’s believed the fire started accidentally in a tavern.

For the next seven years, the British Flag flies over the city. The poorest of the city’s residents live in the canvas covered, burned out buildings in what becomes known as “Canvas Town.”