26 Mar 2019
March 26, 2019

Lexington & Concord T-25

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Countdown to Lexington & Concord

March 25, 1775. 25 days to Lexington & Concord and things are heating up in New York.

As tensions rise in Boston over the military occupation and port shutdown, NYC follows up Patrick Henry’s speech in Richmond with a petition from the colonial assembly to the king. It begins:

Lexington & Concord

“The present unhappy and unnatural disputes between the parent state and your Majesty’s American dominions, give us the deepest and most unfeigned concern…”

The document explains that the colonies are out of their infancy, mature and entitled to their birthright as British subjects. “…we wish only to enjoy the rights of Englishmen and to have that share of liberty, and those privileges secured to us which we are entitled to….”

The authors explain their opposition to the taxes raising revenue that they have no say in, protest the act which prohibited them from printing their own currency and condemn the acts passed against Boston. It warns that England will “…establish a dangerous precedent, by inflicting punishment without the formality of a trial.”

Unfortunately, before this document reaches England, the “shot heard round the world” will be fired and there will be no going back.