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Karen Q – Here Since 2005

Leading our customers through the most historic parts of the city, along streets laid in the 1700s and into national historic landmarks, Karen Q is a daily presence in Lower Manhattan. She knows the story of every nook and cranny of the Southern tip of the Island and can’t wait to share it with you.

Our Research

To prepare for our tours we comb through hundreds of archival documents. Newspapers, broadsides, pamphlets, personal papers and prints all go into our storytelling of the city’s past. We visit research libraries and historic sites throughout the region to flesh out our understanding of events and people. We virtually live in the time period, recreating it in a way that allows us to answer all of your questions, no matter how obscure.

Your Tour Experience

We keep our group sizes small to give you personal attention. Each tour is a unique experience as we tailor it to meet the needs of your group. As the tour moves along we pay attention to your questions and what you seem most interested in so that we change the narrative accordingly. No two tours are exactly the same! Plus, if you have an ancestor or specific person or event you’d like to know about, let us know before the tour and we’ll be sure to include it for you.

Your Guide

Karen Q is a Revolutionary War and Founding Era historian. She is the author of Theodosia Burr: Teen Witness to the Founding of a New Nation, 21st Century Imprints, Lerner Books. She also appears in area Revolutionary War reenactments as “Mrs. Q”. Karen is a regular cast member of the Travel Channel’s *Mysteries at the Museum* and has appeared on more than twenty episodes. You can see a full list of episodes here.

Karen Q Patriot Tours NYC

Mrs. Q celebrates Evacuation Day 2019 at Federal Hall, NYC

Karen Q Patriot Tours NYC

Mrs. Q at home in NYC

Karen Cherro Quinones

Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum

In addition, Karen Q has spoken at meetings of the NYC Chapter of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) and is a regular speaker for the Queens Public Library. She is also a historical consultant to Fordham University Radio WFUV and AM New York (newspaper). She has worked as a historical consultant to best selling authors Lisa Bergren and Veronica Rossi.

Theodosia Burr

Karen Q Patriot Tours NYCKaren is the author of critically acclaimed “Theodosia Burr: Teen Eyewitness to the Founding of the New Nation”, Lerner Books, 2020.

This young adult (YA) biography looks into the life of Aaron Burr’s gifted daughter, Theodosia, and her unusual upbringing in late 18th Century New York. Theodosia was the first young woman educated equally to the young men of her time. Her parents hoped to create a new, capable,Karen Q Patriot Tours NYC independent woman to lead America’s young women into the 19th Century. It’s an inspirational story about a young woman growing up against the accepted constraints of her time!

You will learn not only about Theodosia’s life but about the beginnings of America, and life during the founding era. What did people wear, what did they do for entertainment?

The book is hardcover, full color, printed on heavy paper, meant to be a library or scholastic book. Over 100 source notes, bibliography, glossary, and recommended reading.

Available on Amazon, or signed copies directly from the author. Contact us for information.


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