Civil War Era Walking Tour

Civil War Era Walking Tour

Civil War or War Between the States?

War of Northern Aggression,  War of Southern Independence… What was it REALLY all about?

We’ll talk about the politics of the time period that lead to the war, the different political parties and what they stood for and the role NYC, a new global economic power, played. And we WILL NOT favor the North OR South in our presentation.

On Your Walking Tour You’ll:

  • Experience 19th Century New York, a city of immense wealth and devastating poverty. A city on the verge of war against itself.
  • Hear about how the Peace Democrats, War Democrats, Republicans and Tammany Hall jockeyed for political power without regard to where it would lead the country or the people of the city.
  • Listen to stories about controversial New Yorkers like Dan Sickles, Horace Greeley, and Fernando Wood and the battles that waged in the newspapers and down on the streets.
  • Visit many historic landmarks from the Civil War still intact today: Delmonico’s, Wall Street, Merchant’s Exchange, Customs House, Trinity Church. City Hall and the Tweed Courthouse. See gorgeous brownstone, brick and terracotta architecture spanning the 19th Century.
  • Follow the path of the Draft Riots of 1863, the most devastating civilian violence in the city’s history.
  • Learn the surprising true story about slavery and where New York City stood on the issue.
  • View some of the outrageous propaganda of the time issued by both sides.

We use a storytelling format from start to finish and use authentic documents to illustrate the events. You even have the option to buy a set of the documents in advance of your tour. Follow along with your guide as you move through the story!


(max tour size: 15)
Next Tour: Firday, August 24, 10:00am


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