A Spy for a Spy: Nathan Hale and John Andre Most of us are familiar with the story of Nathan Hale and the brave words with which he went to his death, “My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my country.” But what was really going on that September.. read more →

LePage Gattine Duel? In the news today is a story that Governor Paul LePage and Representative Drew Gattine are feuding over whether Gattine called LePage a racist and whether LePage left Gattine obscene voicemail as a result. At a Thursday press conference Gov. LePage said he wished it was 1825 so he could shoot Gattine.. read more →

23 Aug 2016
August 23, 2016

Culper Spy Ring Tour

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Included in our Revolutionary War Era Tour is a mini Culper Spy Ring Tour that takes us through the workings of the Culper Ring, Washington’s spies who operated during the war.  From 1776 through 1783 NYC was occupied by British Military Forces. Woven within the fabric of society were the spies who sent valuable information.. read more →

On my last few trips to Trinity Church graveyard I’ve been asked to point out Angelica Schuyler Church’s grave site. (She’s prominently featured in the Hamilton musical.) Here’s the link to the grave location. If you are facing the entrance to the church, enter the graveyard on the right, walk to the back and the.. read more →