13 Nov 2017
November 13, 2017

St Paul’s & Trinity Church Graveyards

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A Walk Through St. Paul’s & Trinity Church Graveyards I’ve always loved walking through old graveyards. Since I was a teenager I’ve been intrigued by the inscriptions and pictures on the stones. When I started researching the Revolutionary War here in New York City, St. Paul’s and Trinity Graveyards were regular stops for me. I’d.. read more →

18 Oct 2017
October 18, 2017

18th Century Women’s Novels

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New York Society Library

18th Century Women’s Novels – What Were the Ladies Reading? (Some Really Good Stuff!) New York Society Library records show that both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr checked out books that were considered women’s novels! Why? Maybe they liked them, or maybe it was a good way to brush up on conversation for social functions… read more →

29 Sep 2017
September 29, 2017

Aaron Burr

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Who Was the Real Aaron Burr? (Not anything like what I learned!) My favorite song in Hamilton, the Musical is “The Room Where it Happened”.  It tells the story of a meeting between Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton at Jefferson’s home. In the song Aaron Burr longs to be “in the room where it happened” and.. read more →

19 Sep 2017
September 19, 2017

The Trostle Farm

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The Trostle Farm, Gettysburg, PA From our visit last week to the Gettysburg battlefield: The Trostle Farm. The first image shows dead horses from the second day of the battle. Behind the house and to the right you can see the barn that I photographed in the second picture. The last picture shows the hole.. read more →

15 Sep 2017
September 15, 2017

Battle of Kip’s Bay

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battle of kip's bay

Battle of Kip’s Bay September 15, 1776 – New York On August 29, 1776, Washington and the Continental forces successfully escaped General William Howe’s forces by crossing the East River from Brooklyn to Manhattan during the night. Sure that Howe would be right behind him, the people of York Island (as NYC was then called).. read more →