Architecture Walking Tour

NYC Architecture Tour

300 years of NYC architecture in one mile!

Experience Lower Manhattan’s Architectural wonders from colonial Dutch brick to industrial era terra cotta to modern glass and steel.

Tucked away on NYC’s oldest streets we’ll see beautiful terrra cotta artwork side by side with towering skyscrapers

Learn the stories behind the structures that make the financial district unique in style and feeling.

Enjoy the way great architects used exteriors, the way fine painters use canvas, to create atmosphere and evoke various feelings in the observer.

Above us we’ll see Greek temples, statues of gods, gargolyes, spires, glass and steel stretching into the clouds.

Some of what we’ll see:

  • Fraunces Tavern 1719
  • Standard Oil 1921
  • US Customs House 1907
  • Federal Hall 1841
  • Trinity Church 1846
  • St. Paul’s Chapel 1766
  • Woolworth 1911
  • Gehry Building 2011
  • and much more

All within 1 mile of the start of the tour!


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