• St. Paul’s Chapel – 1766

    St. Paul’s Chapel – 1766

    Explore NYC's Extraordinary Colonial History

Last Revolutionary War Tour

Last Revolutionary War Tour

I will be leaving NYC at the end of February 2024! THANK YOU to everyone who has come on my tours since opening in 2005. It has been a great pleasure to bring the story of NY’s early history to thousands of people.

I will conduct ONE FINAL Revolutionary War Tour on Sunday, 2/11/24, at 11:00 am. It will be a cash-only or Venmo event, $50/person. The tour will meet at Broadway and Warren Street and end at Fraunces Tavern Museum. I expect it will take about three hours; I plan to include material I generally do not cover! This is the LAST OPPORTUNITY to take a tour with me in NYC.

If you would like to come, please let me know by sending an email so I will know who to expect.

I will be reopening in another location in the Summer of 2024; in the meantime, you can continue to follow me on social media on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Historic New York City

New York – In 1776  all eyes were on “The Island at the Center of the World”!

Take a walk from the Stamp Act protests of 1765 through President Washington’s Farewell at the end of the War for Independence in 1783.

You’ll experience the spellbinding story of the American Revolution while walking on the very streets where it happened. Original documents and prints will help us visualize those events.

You’ll visit:

  • The Liberty Pole — site of violent protests
  • The Commons – Declaration Read 1776
  • St. Paul’s Chapel and Graveyard  1766
  • Wall Street
  • Fraunces Tavern – Washington’s Farewell
  • plus more…

You’ll hear the stories of Sons of Liberty, soldiers, printers, and spies and the risks they took to fight against the oppression of the British Empire. And you’ll see real propaganda used by both sides. Was anyone objective?

We’ll stand where the Continental Army landed during their dangerous escape from the British in Brooklyn in the middle of the night. Imagine what it must have been like!

Tour Preview: Liberty Pole

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton and Burr!

Forget everything you think you know about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr!

Take a stroll through the lives of these two incredible men. We’ll tell you the story NO ONE else can. Who were these men really? You will be stunned at how different the reality is from what we believe today.

You’ll hear their personal stories in their own words and the words of those who knew them.

You’ll Visit:

  • the site of King’s College
  • The Room Where it Happened
  • Hercules Mulligan’s
  • Washington’s Inauguration
  • The Bank of NY, Trinity Church
  • St. Paul’s Chapel
  • the graves of Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton and their son, Philip

You’ll hear a hilarious ballad written about Burr and his secret lover! And we’ll “remember the ladies” with a tour stop dedicated to the capable, inspiring women in their lives.

How did two intelligent, educated, successful, ambitious men end up pointing pistols at each other at a dueling ground in New Jersey? AND who really shot first?

Trinity Graveyard Preview:

Karen Quinones
Your Tour Guide

Karen Q Patriot Tours NYCYour guide will be Karen Quinones, historian, author, and cast member of Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum!

Karen has been conducting tours of lower Manhattan since 2005 and knows every nook and cranny of the area. She is also a historical reenactor and participates, as Mrs. Q, in NYC area Revolutionary War reenactments.

Karen is the author of “Theodosia Burr: Teen Eyewitness to the Founding of the New Nation,” a critically acclaimed Young Adult biography of Aaron Burr’s daughter available directly from Karen or on Amazon.

Join Karen for an unforgettable historical experience without modern revisionism!

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History Reenactments

Evacuation Day 1783!

Mrs. Q joins Alexander Hamilton for a walk through NYC the day the British left at the end of the Revolutionary War. Who might we run into along the way?

There is even more to see on our Youtube Channel about the American Revolution in NY.

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NEW!!! Karen Q Virtual Experiences

Join Karen Q on a tour of Fraunces Tavern Museum. Built in 1719, it is the oldest building in Lower Manhattan. In this video we look at the George Washington Portrait Gallery, the Clinton Room, and the Long Room where General Washington gave his farewell address at the end of the Revolutionary War.

You can see more of Karen’s virtual tours on our Youtube Channel. Learn New York City’s history from someone who loves it!


Our Tours Are Different!

Our tours are different from anything else in NYC!  We don’t spend a couple of days looking up sites on the internet and writing a script. Instead, we carefully research every time period we cover.  We use period documents like newspapers, pamphlets, personal correspondence and broadsides. Then, we pick events that you will find most interesting and that you can relate to. Plus, all of our tours are designed to tell a complete story from start to finish and conducted personally by the researcher.

All tours are limited to 15 customers on weekdays and 20 on weekends. We want to engage with you and create a total historic experience. Plus, we use original period documents on all of our tours to help illustrate the story.

Watch the video below to see how Karen Q builds our unique and amazing tours and what makes them different from all of the others. Then, check out our excellent reviews and book your tour!


Theodosia Burr: Teen Eyewitness to the Founding of the New Nation – by Karen Cherro Quinones

The story of Theodosia Burr, daughter of VP Aaron Burr!

Author signed copies available – $35 plus free shipping – contact Karen for more info.

Karen Q Patriot Tours NYCCritically Acclaimed Young Adult biography of Aaron Burr’s daughter, Theodosia Burr, and her life in 1790s New York City. Written for teens but a great addition to any family library. What was it like to live in NYC during the nation’s founding? This is the story of a gifted, talented, young woman and her inspiring achievements.

“The writing is crisp, clear, and engaging. Full-color illustrations add visual appeal. …Burr’s prominence as an educated, modern woman made her a role model for her time. Interesting and accessible way to learn about early U.S. history through a remarkable young woman’s life.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The detailed source notes, bibliography, and further reading make for a well-researched and interesting look at a little-known person and the times in which she lived.” — J. B. Petty, Booklist

Learn all about Theodosia on our Hamilton and Burr walking tour.

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