Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Historic New York City

New York – The Island at the Center of the World!

Walk through historic lower Manhattan with us. Karen Q will weave a vivid and compelling tale of NYC life in the 1770s.

  •  Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist.
  • Listen to stories about real people who lived, worked and ultimately fought for a dream of freedom.
  •  Learn about NYC’s beginnings and its strategic role in the American Revolution.

Many of the city’s oldest landmarks can’t be seen from a tour bus or aren’t marked. Our tours will make sure you don’t miss them!

Max Tour size: 15 weekdays and 20 weekends
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$40/Adult $26/Child

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton, Burr and the Duel that Changed a Nation

Forget everything you think you know about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr! Take a stroll through the lives of these two incredible men. We’ll tell you the story NO ONE else can.

  • You’ll hear their personal stories in their own words and the words of those who knew them.
  • Visit the site of King’s College, The Room Where it Happened and the graves of Hamilton, Eliza and Angelica.
  • Hear the fascinating story of the nation’s first “gentlewoman”.
  • Learn about how one of the bitterest elections in American History lead to the famous duel. Who really shot first?

At the end of the tour, you can decide what’s truth and what’s myth.

Max Tour size: 15 weekdays and 20 weekends
Get them before they sell out!

$40/Adult $26/Child

Civil War Era Walking Tour

Civil War Era Walking Tour

War Between the States or War of Northern Aggression?

A radically different look at the war that divided America. This is the true story of our nation at war with itself.

  • Experience 19th Century New York, a city of immense wealth and devastating poverty. A city on the verge of war.
  • Did NYC support the Union or the Confederacy? Or Both?
  • Learn about NYC’s shocking and conflicted role in the war. Where did the city REALLY stand on slavery and abolition?
  • Why were traders singing “Dixie” on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and how did The President react?

You’ll get the true, unvarnished story!

Limited Dates Available!

$40/Adult $26/Child

Colonial NYC – Home of the Culper Spy Ring

Culper Spy Ring Sugar House Prison

Sugar House Jail

On our Revolutionary War Tour you’ll travel through the British occupied city where the Culper Spy Ring operated. You’ll see the Liberty Pole on the Commons and hear about the riots that took place there, see where James Rivington printed the Royal Gazette, stand on the dock where “Culper” (Abraham Woodhull) arrived to conduct business and much, much more. If you’re a fan of TURN on AMC, or have read any of the popular books about spies operating during that time, you’ll have a great experience walking through the occupied city and seeing the places where the historic activities of John Andre, Abraham Woodhull, Robert Townsend and 355 took place.

$40/Adult $26/Child
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Our Tours Are Different!

Our tours are different from anything else in NYC!  We don’t spend a couple of days looking up sites on the internet and writing a script. Instead, we carefully research every time period we cover.  We use period documents like newspapers, pamphlets, personal correspondence and broadsides. Then, we pick events that you will find most interesting and that you can relate to. Plus, all of our tours are designed to tell a complete story from start to finish and conducted personally by the researcher.

Watch the video below to see how we build our unique and amazing tours and what makes them different from all of the others. Then, check out our excellent reviews and book your tour!


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Liberty Pole on the Commons

John Street Church, NYC – Revolutionary Tour Stop

Site of Jefferson’s Home, NYC – Hamilton & Burr Tour

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Tour Extras

Every Tour Comes with Extras!

walking tour bookmarksPatriot Tours bookmarks. Get them on your tour. Collect them all!

Get a jump on your tour! You can get all of the documents we’ll see on your tour in advance as a file download option with your tickets. It’s everything you’ll see and more!

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