Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Historic New York City

New York – In 1776  all eyes were on “The Island at the Center of the World”!

Take a walk from the Stamp Act of 1765 through President Washington’s Inauguration in 1789. You’ll experience the spellbinding story of the unbelievable events leading up to the American Revolution.  You’ll walk on the same colonial streets where it all happened.

  •  Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist.
  • Listen to stories about real people like John Holt the “Liberty Printer”, Alexander McDougall, leader of the Sons of Liberty, The Wicked Triumverate and the Odious Six
  •  Learn about NYC’s beginnings and its strategic role in the American Revolution.
  • Take a walk through St. Paul’s Chapel, the town’s “Country Church” built in 1766 and still intact today. We’ll also visit some of the graves in the graveyard.
  • Stand where George Washington’s army escaped the Battle of Long Island

Sons of Liberty, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, The Culper Spy Ring and the Battle of New York are just some of what you’ll hear about while standing right where the events happened.

Meets at City Hall and takes 2 1/2 hours. You will receive detailed meeting instructions when you buy tickets.

$39.99/Adult $25.99/Child

Culper Spy Ring Tour

Culper Spy Ring Tour

Revolutionary War Spies

The first modern spy ring operated right here in NYC during the American Revolution: The Culper Spy Ring!

Walk through the British occupied city. We’ll follow the story of spymasters Col Benjamin Tallmadge and Maj John Andre as they battle to outwit each other. Who would survive the deadly game of Revolutionary War espionage? And who would not?

  • We’ll imagine a city occupied by the British and converted into a military base
  • Learn the true story of early spy Nathan Hale, how he was captured and by whom  (it’s not what you think!)
  • Visit St. Paul’s Chapel and hear about the Holy Ground – the biggest, most notorious red light district in North America
  • Travel through colonial streets where we’ll find James Rivington’s print shop and coffeehouse, the tailor shop of Hercules Mulligan, the store run by Culper Jr., Robert Townsend, and more
  • Hear the traitorous story of Benedict Arnold and how the spy ring warned General Washington about him
  • And what about 355? Who was she?
  • Plus, you’ll see pages from the original code book used by Benjamin Tallmadge

Meets at City Hall Park and takes 2 Hours. You will receive detailed meeting instructions when you buy tickets.

$39.99 Adult/$25.99 Child

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton Walking Tour

Hamilton, Burr and the Duel that Changed a Nation

Forget everything you think you know about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr! Take a stroll through the lives of these two incredible men. We’ll tell you the story NO ONE else can. Who were these men really? You will be stunned at how different the reality is from what we believe today.

  • You’ll hear their personal stories in their own words and the words of those who knew them.
  • Visit the site of King’s College, The Room Where it Happened, Washington’s Inauguration, The Bank of NY, Trinity Church, St. Paul’s Chapel and the graves of Hamilton and Eliza!
  • Listen to a hilarious ballad written about Burr and his secret lover
  • Hear the fascinating story of the nation’s first fully educated woman on a tour stop dedicated to the women in their lives.
  • Learn about how one of the bitterest elections in American History lead two exceptional, successful men to the famous duel. Who really shot first?

At the end of the tour, you can decide what’s truth and what’s myth. And you might be VERY surprised what you learn!

Meets at City Hall Park and takes 2 1/2  Hours. You will receive detailed meeting instructions when you buy tickets.

$39.99/Adult $25.99/Child

Our Tours Are Different!

Our tours are different from anything else in NYC!  We don’t spend a couple of days looking up sites on the internet and writing a script. Instead, we carefully research every time period we cover.  We use period documents like newspapers, pamphlets, personal correspondence and broadsides. Then, we pick events that you will find most interesting and that you can relate to. Plus, all of our tours are designed to tell a complete story from start to finish and conducted personally by the researcher.

All tours are limited to 15 customers on weekdays and 20 on weekends. We want to engage with you and create a total historic experience. Plus, we use original period documents on all of our tours to help illustrate the story.

Watch the video below to see how Karen Q builds our unique and amazing tours and what makes them different from all of the others. Then, check out our excellent reviews and book your tour!


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