Revolutionary War Walking Tour

Revolutionary War Walking Tour

NYC’s only Daily Revolutionary War Walking Tour since 2005

Relive the Revolutionary War in New York City! Your guide will weave a vivid and compelling tale of NYC life in the 1770s.

“The Most Magnificent Town in North America!”  Filled with people from different places,  speaking different languages and practicing different religions, NYC was the blueprint for the nation’s future.

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On your walking tour you’ll:

  • Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit father against son, neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist.
  • Visit some of the oldest remaining historic sites in New York City like St. Paul’s Chapel, John St. Methodist Church, Federal Hall and Fraunces Tavern.
  • Stand in the spot where the Declaration of Independence was read, July 9, 1776 by order of Commander George Washington.
  • Look across the East River where Revolutionary War soldiers passed as they retreated from Brooklyn Heights. Just a bit to the South was the British Navy, with so many ships it was a “forest of pine masts”.
  • Hear the story of the Culper Spy Ring and how they warned General Washington about a shocking act of treason coming his way.
  • Follow the story of the Sons of Liberty and their leader who spent four months in jail for the “Cause of Liberty and Freedom” while protests raged on the street outside.

We use a storytelling format from start to finish and use authentic documents to illustrate the events. You even have the option to buy a set of the documents in advance of your tour. Follow along with your guide as you move through the story!

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“My husband & I are TURN fans so thoroughly enjoyed the Revolutionary NY Tour.
Despite the cold and rain, there was so much information and so many great stories
that we were not discouraged. Next time we’re in town, we will definitely be taking
another tour. Tickets would make an excellent gift.” – 1/1/2017

“This was an awesome tour! Karen was great and extremely knowledgeable. The only regret I have is not booking the private tour, because I would have loved to get more in depth stories and conversations, but that’s just me being selfish! Such a great time!” – 11/05/2016