New York: The Scoff and Wonder of America!Β  😳 Or, everyone hates New York. The love/hate relationship between New York and the rest of America is nothing new. By the time of the American Revolution it was in full swing, with the city frequently taking actions that outraged our upstate and colonial neighbors. Here are.. read more β†’

The First Shot Will be Mortal πŸ’£ Lexington and Concord The Shot Heard ‘Round The World April 19, 1775 Was there a way to avoid that fateful shot on Lexington Green? Is it possible that cooler heads might have prevailed? Let’s take a look at the debate going on in the British Parliament in early.. read more β†’

The Farmer Refuted, discount viagra published February 23, 1775 by James Rivington, Β is Alexander Hamilton’s second response to a series of articles written under the pseudonym “A W Farmer” or, “A Westchester Farmer”. “A W Farmer” was, in reality, Samuel Seabury, an Anglican (Church of England) Rector who argued against the legality of a Continental.. read more β†’