Farewell to the British!  Evacuation Day. Before President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, the most celebrated day of the year in New York City was Evacuation Day, November 25, 1783. The Long Occupation September 21, 1776 – British forces commanded by General William Howe took possession of New York City. Washington’s defeated army.. read more →

Bishop Samuel Provoost Portrait

On my tour today I had the honor of having descendants of the great Bishop Samuel Provoost. In 1775 he resigned his position at Trinity Church (The Church of England) due to his support for “the opposition”, the colonial rebellion. He moved upstate and in 1777 picked up arms to pursue the British after they.. read more →

“The Wandsworth Genealogical History of a Tory” from the New-York Gazette and Weekly Mercury, 4/16/1770. (Tory is the old term for Loyalist.) Found it while looking through newspapers for a different story.  Anti Church of England humor from the Whigs of NYC.  I can take a pretty good guess who the author(s) might be! The.. read more →

The Farmer Refuted, discount viagra published February 23, 1775 by James Rivington,  is Alexander Hamilton’s second response to a series of articles written under the pseudonym “A W Farmer” or, “A Westchester Farmer”. “A W Farmer” was, in reality, Samuel Seabury, an Anglican (Church of England) Rector who argued against the legality of a Continental.. read more →