Farewell to the British!  Evacuation Day. Before President Abraham Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday, the most celebrated day of the year in New York City was Evacuation Day, November 25, 1783. The Long Occupation September 21, 1776 – British forces commanded by General William Howe took possession of New York City. Washington’s defeated army.. read more →

August 29, 1776 – The first battle in the Battle of New York, the Battle of Brooklyn, is underway. After a week of facing off against General Howe’s forces in Brooklyn, General Washington finds himself in Brooklyn Heights with his army. British and Hessian infantry, artillery and light horse surround him on three sides: South,.. read more →

August 27, 1776 Colonial forces retreated from Brooklyn Heights to Manhattan on a dark night with no moon.  They left Brooklyn to the North (left) of where we are in this picture and landed across the East River, about a block inland from what we can see here. Amazingly, they were able to complete the.. read more →