The Hamilton and Burr Duel Does Anyone Really Know What Happened? Many Versions of the Story There seem to be endless versions of the story of the duel that occurred July 11, 1804 between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.  Sometimes I hang around Trinity Church after finishing my tours just to listen to the different.. read more →

Who were those “Sons of Liberty”? How did they get started and what, exactly, were they up to in the years preceeding the American Revolution? Did their actions attract more people to the rebel cause or turn them away? This very question would split the NY Liberty Boys into two camps, their leaders sworn enemies!.. read more →

It’s the Patriotic Barber of NY, or the Captain in the Suds! Upon learning that his customer is an officer in the King’s army, the Patriotic Barber kicks him out of his shop, half shaved, with his wig still removed. A hero to the Sons of Liberty! But wait, look at the face of the.. read more →

06 Jun 2017
June 6, 2017

Charlotte Temple

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The Scandalous Story of Charlotte Temple Charlotte Temple, or “Charlotte: A Tale of Truth”, was published in London in 1791. Written by Susanna Rowson, it was a best seller in London and New York in the seduction novel genre that was popular at the time. But was it just a novel or was it a.. read more →

The Tragedy of Elizabeth Franklin 😢 Benjamin Franklin’s Daughter-in-Law One of the things we don’t learn much about in school is the way families were divided during the American Revolution. We’re taught an image of the “good guys” as patriots and the “bad guys” as loyalists. But what about brothers or fathers and sons who fought.. read more →