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Revolutionary Era Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan

NYC Revolutionary Era Walking Tour

Start at the Liberty Pole on The Common.
Why did a pole stuck in the ground become a source of growing discord between the colonists and the British?

Stand on The Fields.
Meeting place for the Sons of Liberty and where General Washington chose to have the Declaration of Independence read to his army.

Visit St. Paul's Chapel.
The site of our nation's first Presidential inaugural service. Hear about the "Liberty Printer" buried in the graveyard and what he did to earn a place in history.

Stop at Trinity Church.
Visit the graves of Founding Fathers Alexander Hamilton & Francis Lewis, Sons of Liberty, Military Commanders, and two Treasury Secretaries.

Stand at the colonial shoreline of the East River and envision the approaching British Fleet, with so many ships that their masts were thick as a forest. - We'll stand where Gen. Washington completed his historic retreat from Brooklyn Heights, saving the Revolution from imminent defeat!


(See historic tour route for more.) Please note that the route might vary, depending on weather conditions.

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Benjamin Franklin American Revolution New York

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Visit the city of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and more! Walk in their footsteps and listen to the debate in their words and the words of their opponents.

If you've seen HAMILTON on Broadway or are a fan of TURN on AMC, you'll love our tour.
History Lower Manhattan Walk through historic lower Manhattan with us. Our licensed tour guide will weave a vivid and compelling tale of NYC life in the 1770s.
American Revolution Hear about the feuding families and political intrigues that pit neighbor against neighbor, patriot against loyalist.
Listen to stories about real people who lived, worked and ultimately fought for a dream of freedom.
Learn about NYC's beginnings and its strategic role in the American Revolution.
Many of the city's oldest landmarks can't be seen from a tour bus or aren't marked. Our tours will make sure you don't miss them!

We use ONLY original documents on our tours; your guide will be an historian specializing in the time period. Ask plenty of questions, we're happy to answer them!

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NYC Revolutionary Era Walking Tour

Gen. George Washington made his headquarters on Broadway.
Battles were fought on Manhattan Island.
NYC was under martial law, occupied by the British Army.
The Royal Printer was a spy for the colonists.
NYC was the nation's first capitol.
The right to a free press was the result of a legal dispute between two New Yorkers.


The East India Tea Company: 'Too Big To Fail'?
Corrupt government officials
Government control of the press, manufacturing, and trade


NEW YORK: The military prize of 1776!
Where did the British commander General Howe have the best opportunity to end the rebellion?
Where was the largest battle fought?
When and where was the first military submarine used in America?
Which city had the most culturally diverse population of the colonies in the 1770's?

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